Cannabinoid Creations 500mg Tincture

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Theres something for every flavor pallete with Cannabinoid Creations!


You’re a purist! Enjoy the relief you deserve with high potency CBD, no flavor necessary. Enjoy the respite from whatever ails and receive a full spectrum dose of Cannabidiol therapy with our unique formulation.

Caramel Apple Pie

Baseball, fireworks on the 4th of July, apple pie and CBD…that’s America! Now with our distinctive CBD Caramel Apple Pie Tincture, you can enjoy the full-fledged flavor of Americana, but we kicked it up a notch with our Cannabidiol. Think of a day at the state fair, the circus or an amusement park – the pure joy of eating a caramel apple or a slice of pie. Crisp green apple conspicuously flirts with sticky caramel richness, a perfect marriage of flavors.


Exotic spices for the “well seasoned” palette, our CBD Cinnamon Tincture yields a rich bold cinnamon flavor that conjures old memories of youth and home – freshly baked cinnamon rolls around the holidays and so much more. Dispense directly under the tongue or add our Cannabidiol elixir to your coffee or another favorite beverage every morning – we’ve been told it’s great on vanilla ice cream to add a subtle hint of that special Cannabinoid Creations flavor to the day!