Complimentary Consultation

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Looking for more information on CBD and how it can benefit your health and wellness?

Call or come to the shop for a complimentary consultation and get the advice that you're looking for.

We know that matters of health and wellness can be intimidating, whether it's for you or a loved one. We've been there and want you to know that we are always willing to assist you in any way, big or small. 

The goal of each consultation is to:

  • Target symptoms
  • Determine how CBD can be helpful  
  • Discuss a wellness plan
  • Implement a new health regimen

Don't ever feel in the dark, we're always willing to help you find the answers that you seek. Be it five minutes or an hour, we'll give you however much time that you need to get your questions answered.


*After receiving your reservation confirmation, we will contact you with the available appointment times for your selected date or if preferred you can then complete your consultation over the phone. If dealing with an urgent matter, our main number listed at the bottom of our Contact page can be called or texted whenever you need.