Our Story


In Honor of Dorothy Ann Carroll  

09/24/1938 - 02/08/2017


AJ's Coastal Bliss District was founded in an effort to help those in need and looking for treatment options that are not always offered upfront by traditional medical offices, despite CBD's increasingly popular reputation. After experiencing the loss of family, we became very passionate about what we do because we have witnessed the ability of Cannabidiol to prolong life and relieve suffering. What started out as long days at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, turned to long nights on a quest to find natural and holistic remedies to promote health. Our history in a variety of different healthcare capacities also helps us to share our passion for healing. Our goal is to set ourselves apart by not only offering high quality products, but also by our dedication to consumer education. We believe that gaining an understanding of each product that is purchased is just as helpful as taking the product so that each consumer holds knowledge that will help them to individually evaluate their recovery. Because we know of the difficulties that come with illness first hand, we strive to provide a variety of different consumption methods for our products. We want to offer you a tasty infused treat if you're already taking a handful of capsules or a topical cream if you're feeling too nauseous to eat. It is because of our own experience with cancer and devastating disease that we know compassion and strive to always be here for those in need. If you're looking for an open ear, a bit of hope, or a new way to help yourself and your loved ones, let us be a help to you. You are not alone.